Nagano Pork back ribs ready to heat and devour

box of five ribs  –  perfectly cooked  – with our special rub – and a bottle of our sauce    $98.00 

Why Nagano Pork

Tender and juicy, Nagano Pork embodies the perfect balance of marbling, ensuring unparalleled tenderness and depth of taste.  From farm to table, Nagano Pork from Quebec promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience, elevating your culinary adventures to new heights.

Our Ingredients

quality in quality out

Nagano Pork

Quebec raised pork has the perfect balance of lean and marbled meat, giving you excellent succulence

Home madde Rub

Select herbs and spices with brown sugr, chillies,and kosher salt. All natural ingredients

Best BBQ Sauce

Our BBQ sauce simmered long slow with smoked paprika, chilies and black pepper that smokey, lingering taste

Sous Vide Cooking

Every batch is cooked low and slow for 20 hrs in our sousvide tanks. Sealing in the juices and flavours for a spectacular result

the best ribs I have ever had!

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5 full racks of Nagano ribs,
Ready to heat and eat, and our sauce!
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