Pork Belly Korean Style


Pork Belly  Sous Vide, Korean Style

Classic Rub:
Garlic, Lemon Grass, Coconut Amino Acids (soy sauce replacement), Korean Gochugarou chilli powder, Asian Pear.

CFIA listed Allergens: None

produced in a  facility where milk, wheat, eggs and soy are used


Our sous-vide Korean Style Pork Belly is tender and full of flavour and requires refrigeration to stay fresh and to keep your food safe. Because we do not use preservatives or high acid cooking. 

There is a batch number on each package and freeze by date to keep them safe to eat. Our normal shelf life is 14 days in the refrigerator from the day of production and then they need to be frozen.

Preparation Method:

All our products that are cooked sous vide are fully pasteurized due to the long cooking cycles and are safe to eat cold out of the packaging. However, it is always recommended that you reheat to 74C or 165F internal temperature.

Carefully remove the pork belly from its packaging, reserve the juices in a sauce pan, and cut to your desired width to pan sear.

Heat thoroughly, this should take about 15 minutes depending on the thickness of the pork belly.

Once the pork belly is thoroughly heated remove it from the pan and slice to serve in a steam fun or as a side.

You can also cut cubes to panfry, or were the cubes and finish them on the BBQ.

The reserved liquid can be reduced and used as a glaze to complement the taste of the pork belly.

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