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We Feature Ready To Heat And Serve Solutions:

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With 35 years experience in the food service industry and working with premier suppliers of quality meats Sous Vide Gourmet brings solutions to your food service operations.

Why Choose Sous Vide Gourmet

Easy to prepare

Our products are fully cooked, pasteurized  and individually portioned ready to heat and serve in your establishment.

Reduce Labour

Labour is expensive and hard to find these days. We do the work and you just plate and finish. Natural products, easily add your unique touch, high restaurant quality and you will be proud to serve them.

Manage food costs

Cost control for each portion is possible, reducing waste and increasing your profits.

Custom Product Development

Our production know how and your recipe makes a great combination. Contact us and let’s see how we can help each other.

Our Solutions produce Great Results!

sous vide gourmet

Ready for a Solution?

sous vide gourmet

Providing Unique Solutions to Food Service Organizations Like Yours

With over 35 years food service experience, we use well tested sous-vide technique to provide ribs & chicken ready to finish according to your standards to meet your unique requirements. Natural chicken and pork with no preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.

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